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Historical Performance Workshops 

In an atmosphere that takes history seriously while having fun doing "sneaky history," learn how to create a first person narrative of a historic figure or composite character.

Youth Camps 

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Information about upcoming workshops 

Ride into History conducts two workshops a year. These workshops are for individuals who want to become historic performers. Workshops are customized to attendees' needs, but generally include how to choose a character, research the individual and the historical context, create a script, and perform in the first person, as well as a brief look at the nuts and bolts of marketing and contracts. The Kansas Alliance of Professional Historical Performers grew out of these workshops.

Ride takes workshops to organizations that want to develop staff or volunteer historical performance skills. The workshops also help staff better understand the role of costumed historic interpretation in public programming. Often grants are available to help fund this opportunity.


Telling History: A Manual for Performers and Presenters of First Person Narratives by Joyce Thierer is recommended as a text for the adult workshops, and is also a good resource for people doing it on their own. It can be ordered from the publisher, or from your usual sources.

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