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Ride Into History Cultural and Educational Project, Inc.
Making History Accessible through the Arts

Partnering with schools, museums, communities, and libraries to keep your local stories alive. 

  • School Residencies​


  • Preserving Our Past through Performance community workshops​


  • Kansas Alliance of Professional Historic Performers 

  • Youth Chautauqua Camps

  • Night at Your Museum Camps

Board Members:


Sarah Dougherty, Conrad, IA, President

Ginger Wessel, rural Emporia, KS, Vice President

Barbara Fowler, Emporia, KS, Secretary

Kitty Frank, Allen, KS, Treasurer

Anna Smith, Carbondale, KS, Executive Director of the Kansas Alliance of Professional Historical Performers
Ann Birney, rural Admire, KS

Glen Wessel, rural Emporia, KS

Accomplishments, Projects and Partners:

School Residencies - students become Historian/Researcher/Scriptwriter/Actors partnering with Kansas Arts Commission, schools and historical organizations

Preserving Our Past through Performance community workshops - for adults who want to develop first person narratives of historic figures, partnering with local organizations

History Comes Alive in Kansas! - Attraction Development grant from Kansas Department of Commerce to increase museum and historic site use of costumed historic interpretation

Kansas Alliance of Professional Historic Performers - increases the quality and availability of historical performance; grew out of the Kansas Department of Commerce grant

Amelia Earhart by the Numbers math - Kansas Arts commission Technical Assistance grant to work with ESU mathematics professor Elizabeth Yanik

Youth Chautauqua Camps - Kansas and Nebraska Humanities Councils and local communities; RIHCEPI provides all materials including costumes for this and other workshops

Night at Your Museum Camps - artifact-based historical performance tours funded with KHC

Songwriter Thad Beach - with school children wrote a song based on Admire stories, Admire PRIDE and Kansas Art Commission


Ann Birney
2886 N. Hwy 99 Admire, KS 66830
cell (620)344-0314

Founded by and affiliated with, but not a part of the Ride into History historical performance touring troupe, RIHCEPI is a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit organization. Your donations may be tax deductible. 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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