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Njoy History

General Robert E. Lee 

Norman Joy takes you back in time to find out what was on the mind of the Commanding General of the Confederate Army Robert E. Lee when he made decisions such as whether to accept command of the forces of the United States or resign his commission and return to Virginia. Or whether to make a final charge on the third day at Gettysburg. Or what options did he have other than surrender in April, 1865.

The week after General Robert E Lee surrenders to General Grant the War is over for him. Returning to Richmond he is reunited with his family after four long years of unwanted separation. He is no longer the Commanding General but, in fact, is without work and on parole. This is just one of the crucial times in the General’s life when he had to make some very difficult decisions. Explore those decisions with the man himself as he considers the options and the impact of these truly significant times.


Performance Options:

Programs are designed for about 1 hour. Questions are taken in character. Norman is then available as the scholar to answer questions that the character can’t really speak to like "what happened next?"

Suitable for 4th Grade through Adult.

About the Presenter:

Norman is a native Kansan. He is a retired teacher and soldier, having served in the U.S. Army for 27 years. He retired as a Sergeant Major. Norman Joy draws on own years of military service and his historical research connections to bring these characters to life. He holds a Masters Degree from Oklahoma State University. Norman has delighted his audiences with these characters and many others including some from the Lewis and Clark period.


Contact Information:

Njoy History
Norman Joy
615 East 11th Avenue
Hutchinson, Kansas 76501

(620) 669-0284

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