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Clara Gowing


A New Englander, Clara Gowing was born in Charlestown, Mass., on May 22, 1832.  She received her education in Concord, Mass., and is described as a young woman of earnest mind. In 1859,  J. G. Warren wrote in a letter to the Rev. Pratt at the Delaware Indian Mission School, "We have succeeded in securing Miss Clara Gowing for the Delaware school. She is a person of firm constitution, good mind, and mature age, and earnestly devoted to the service of Christ. The committee appointed her last week at the usual salary and with $30 for expenses of travel...I think sister Gowing will prove the very person you need."

As a teacher on the Delaware Reservation in 1860's Kansas. The Delaware reservation is in Northeast Kansas and is under constant pressure of encroachment by white settlers.  Clara is a fiery do-gooder and ready to make a difference!

​Lynsay Fory, Overbrook, Kansas, portrays Clara Gowing.  Lynsay is the Programming Director of the Osage County Historical Society.  She holds a Master's degree in history from Wichita State University and is a Doctoral Candidate at North Dakota State University.  In all her pursuits, Lynsay wonders, "What would it be like...?

Lynsay be contacted by email at and by phone at 785 230-7531.

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