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Mildred "Mickey" Axton


Mildred "Mickey" Axton of Coffeyville, Kansas, was a test pilot during World War II.  One of the first three women trained as a WASP (Woman Air Force Service Pilot), she was also the first woman to fly the B-29 Superfortress, a four-engine prop-driven heavy bomber.


Let Mickey tell you about her upbringing in Coffeyville, her first airplane ride in a Curtiss Jenny biplane, and her exciting career. 

                                     Dr. Robin Hanson, Carbondale, Ks                                                 portrays Mickey. Robin holds a Ph.D. in                                       American Studies and a Master's in                                               Anthropology and human relations.                                               She teaches at Washburn University in                                         Topeka and St. Louis University in St.                                           Louis, Missouri.

Contact her by email at: or by phone 785-665-5253.

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