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Sallie Lindsay White, wife of Pulitzer Prize winning journalist William Allen
White, a man who influenced national policy and yet, was a humble small town
newspaper man. We all know that behind every successful man is a strong
woman. Sallie Lindsay White is that strong woman. In addition to being co-owner
of the Emporia Gazette, she excelled as a teacher, suffragette, mother, wife and


Millie Glass Fowler, Pioneer Woman.- Millie and her husband John along with
eight of their eleven children traveled west in 1855 and settled in Kansas Territory
between the forks of the Neosho and Cottonwood Rivers. Millie shares the
everyday hardships and joys of pioneer life. Millie tells the real story of pioneer
life in Kansas.


Barbara Fowler brings these characters to life for you.  Barbara is a lifelong resident of Emporia, Kansas. Her bachelor’s degree is from Emporia State University with teacher licensure in the fields of History, Speech Communications, English Language Arts, English as a Second Language and FACTS.

Her passion for history and integration of learning prompted Barbara to receive her MLS
from Washburn University where her thesis focused on historical performance. Barbara
is recognized as an ESU Distinguished Alumni and as a Kansas Master Teacher.
After retiring from the classroom she continues to instill the love and importance
of history. She is available for school workshops, or individual tutoring. Her
performances bring to life Sallie Lindsay White and Millie Glass Fowler.

Barbara can be contacted by email at:

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