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Anna Smith


Deborah Samson – Revolutionary Soldier

They said a woman could not fight for her country. They did not know Deborah Samson. Samson disguises herself as a man to join General George Washington’s Continental Army to fight for American independence from England’s King George III. Samson fought bravely not only for her Country but for her pension that was owed to her by her Country which she continues to fight for the rest of her life. She had proof she fought, her name was on the role call list. “Shouldn’t she deserve a pension same as a man she continued to ask Congress”. 
Samson proves fresh insights into the role of common people who made their own unique contributions to the American Revolution and is associated with new possibilities of freedom or opportunity for women. 
Samson is the first known woman to receive a pension of land and money for her military experience.

Mrs. J.T. Smith (Henrietta)

1877, Twelve years after the Civil War, Henrietta and her young family load everything they own on a train to follow her Civil War husband, Union Captain Joseph T. Smith from their prominent life in Boone County, Indiana to the un-tamed town of Lincoln Center located on the central plains of Kansas to start over. “would there really be a town, what would the people be like, would there be Indians? I will not live in a soddy!” When they arrive in Lincoln Center, they find a town and are greeted with a hearty welcome. The Smith’s prosper and enjoy life as much as one can on the prairie until a tragic incident occurs. Moving to Manhattan, Kansas, Henrietta reflects on her past twelve years of joys, sorrow and adventures on the Kansas plains.


Marion Sloan Russell

"In 1857 I may have been the youngest on that trail and today I may well be the only one left to tell about the old old tale of the Santa Fe Trail."


Five times Marion travels the Santa Fe Trail before age 21. Marion Sloan Russell enjoys telling about her adventures on the Santa Fe Trail with her mother and brother, as her first travels begin as a young girl of 7. 

While in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she meets Kit Carson not realizing he would play an important role in her life. At Ft. Union she will meet her husband, the handsome Lt. Richard Russell where soon many adventures will meet up with her.   


The three women that Smith presents are well versed in a woman’s everyday life as a mother, wife, grandparent and also as a veteran & veteran’s wife. Smiths audience is set up for grade school students to adults.

Smith is endorsed by the Topeka Chapter Daughters of The American Revolution
“The Topeka Chapter, NSDAR endorses Anna Smith for her role in educating 
and presenting the oral history of Deborah Samson – Revolutionary Soldier and
gives voice to the Daughters of the American Revolution”. 


About the Presenter:

Anna Smith is an 21 year Army veteran and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science History from Emporia State University, Emporia, KS. Smith belongs to the Kansas Alliance of Professional Historical Performers, Topeka Kansas Daughters of American Revolution Chapter, VFW Auxiliary . Smith is an “Honorary” member of the Konza Prairie Son of the American Revolution in Manhattan, Kansas.

In 2012, Smith presented for Samson’s childhood & adulthood home towns in Plympton & Sharon, Massachusetts’s for their Historical Societies. 

Smith has presented Samson in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, Massachusetts, South Dakota and Texas. 

Audience: grade school through Adult
Length: 20-50 minutes
Fees: Reasonable




Contact information: 

Anna Smith 

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