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SME - Portals of Time

The Scout and the Schoolteacher

School teacher Victoria Westman and Wagon scout, former fur trapper and trader, Charles Taggert. 

Taggert's contempt for the “civilized” immigrant will bring a smile to your face! His first experience on the Santa Fe Road in 1824 will enthrall you. 

Listen as Mrs. Victoria Westman prepares to travel west on the Oregon Trail with her canine companion, Sotah. Learn what is required to make the arduous journey. Mrs. Westman will hold classes along the trail, all children are expected to participate. She will be using the 1836 McGuffey's Readers. Practice spelling, reading, arithmetic, and elocution. Imagine your group spending an entire day learning about wagon travel. Churn butter for your noon meal. Map the route and write postcards to the family left behind! Workbooks for “hands-on” study.


John Henry, Civil War Soldier

An unbiased look at the Civil War—two soldiers, both named John Henry, share their experiences from everyday camp chores to battle fields. A full-day in-depth hands-on program which involves drilling, flag design, rationing, and games.


Adams’s Museum of Westward Expansion

John Henry Civil War Soldier, John Henry Thomasmeir and John Henry Jackson were men of action and held strong beliefs. Both were sure they were right and willing to fight for their
belief.  Mike & Belinda Adams have the distinct honor of having both as
ancestors.  “Maybe that’s why we Adam’s are so independent!”, says Belinda
Adams.  Mike’s Great Great Grandfather came to America fresh from the
German wars.  He knew what being a soldier entailed. He believed America
should stand together and solve their problems not be divided like Europe.
 Belinda’s Great Great Uncle couldn’t stand the folks from the East
pushing around the families in Kansas.  There were several reasons the
Civil War happened but these two men epitomized the conflict. Mike wants
you to realize that compromise isn’t a bad word.  What were the lives of
these soldiers really like?  Who was right? What makes a person choose to

More books have been written and movies made about the conflict known as
America’s Civil War.  Almost every family has artifacts or memento's
passed down from generation to generation. The Adams have collected
original pieces of history to share with you. Imagine your Grandfather
reading from this bible or carrying this canteen. Belinda loves to share
the stories behind the items

Welcome to the Adams’s Museum of Westward Expansion


Other programs include:

The Buffalo Hunters, 1860s -1870s - How one family made their mark on Kansas! Join Jedidiah and Sarah Star and their two teenage daughters as they hunt buffalo, smoke the meat, and sell meat and hides to trading posts. Hear how the demand changes the hunt over time, and how Sarah copes alone on the ranch.

How long does it take to skin a buffalo? - What do you do with the meat and hide? And the questions for all time: If there were so many buffalo in the early 1800s, what happened to them? Who were the people who followed the great herds of buffalo and harvested the meat, hides, and bones, and why did they do it? Questions are answered willingly and thoroughly.

John Henry.jpg

About the Presenters:

The dynamic team of Belinda and Mike Adams. Gymnasium, stage, or outdoor setting—educational and entertaining assemblies and programs for all occasions and all ages—programs are designed to fit your site. Mike & Belinda Adams present American History that kids love to learn because they interact with it, become part of it, and take part of it home with them. Mike, Belinda and Thor offer a variety of programs that are sure to make even the most challenging audiences sit up and take notice.

"The students were delighted" 
-Brandon, WI

"Excellent program! History came alive..." 
-Belleville, IL

"Held students’ attention very well. Even the small children were enthralled" 
-Longford, KS


All programs include displays of authentic artifacts and weaponry while highlighting different time periods! Begin with a one hour program, have them set up their camp and let students or visitors rotate through, or both!

Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Age suitability: All ages

Travel restrictions: None — two or more programs when over 150 miles from home


(Travel expenses additional)
One hour program $250+ expenses
Three presentations $600+
One day in-depth study $600

For more information please see the SME website:

Contact information: 

Belinda Adams/SME-Portals of Time 
(620) 288-9869
1415, 1350 Road 
New Albany, KS 66736

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